Monday, March 1, 2010

TYPOGRAPHERS - Neville Brody

Neville Brody was a typographer, graphic designer and art director. Brody is perhaps the best known graphic artist of his generation. He uses letters and numbers in his art pieces with an anti-traditional view on art. He played at the margins of visual language and used it to launch a revolution in typeface design.

Brody has worked on magazines such as The Face and Arena and has designed album covers for artists such as Cabaret Voltaire and Depeche Mode. He is a founding member of Fontworks (click here to see the online branch of Fontworks).

Brody has designed many fonts, including:, Arcadia, FF Blur, FF Dirty 1, Times Modern and FF Dome.

The font Arcadia designed by Brody.

"FF Dirty One" font by Neville Brody

The most notable font that Brody has worked on in his career, is the updated version of the "Times Modern" which was specifically designed for the Times paper in November 2006. The typeface shares many visual similarities with Mercury designed by Jonathan Hoefler. It is the first new font at the newspaper since it introduced Times New Roman in 1932. To read an article about it, click here.

The front page of The Times with Brody's font in the titles.

Here is a list of fonts that Brody has created. Click on each name to see the font face.


  1. i love brody's use of numbers and letters in his work sometimes, like on that first picture you posted. I like most of the anti-traditional designers :)

  2. I love Brody's font "dirty-one" it shows the way he pushed the boundaries of typeface designs. It really makes your eyes focus and start to think of what message he's trying to deliver through his designs. Arcadia on the other hand is so busy and really harsh on your eyes, it almost feels like you have to really focus to get the message. Although in saying that you could really construct a very dynamic picture with this font as long as you didn't use too many words that need to be legible.