Monday, March 29, 2010

“To design is to communicate clearly by whatever means you can control or master.“

Milton Glaser,Jerome Quinert

the quote pretty much speaks for its self,i feel its saying if a designer is creating something its gotta be able to communicate and send out a clear message in order of a clear understanding of the designers work....

for over the course of several decades he "reinvented'' himself as a creative force by exploring new graphic techniques and motifs Milton Glaser, 1929, is a native of New York where he attended the High School of Music and Art, and Cooper Union Art School.

In 1954 Glaser was a founder of the Push Pin Studios formed with several of his Cooper Union classmates. Glaser's work is characterized by directness, ''simplicity'' and ''originality'. He uses any medium or style suggested by the picture problem in his design for book jackets, record album covers, advertisements and direct mail pieces, as well as for magazine covers and illustrations.

During the 1980s and 1990s Glaser became increasingly interested in illusisons and dimensionality. Drawings are presented as dimensional objects in ways that intensify their meaning.

when Glaser creates his work he likes to keep it simple but affective he wants the audience to be able to relate and think about and understand what the message he wants to try and send out,he likes to stick with what he feels most confiendent with,so that he can make his work the best it can be

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