Monday, March 15, 2010

3:PENNY Logo Design: Ken Cato

" His philosophy of design is dynamically holistic, providing the synergistic solutions that produce positive results."

Taken from the Cato Partners website

Ken Cato is an Australin Graphic Designer who's company,Cato Design Inc. Pty Limited, was established in Melbourne in 1970 with offices in Sydney, Perth, Tokyo, Jakarta, Singapore, Buenos Aires and Auckland.
His work as a graphic designer has earned him an international reputation. He is represented in museums and galleries throughout the world and he has won numerous international and Australian design awards. Cato's projects range from graphic design, product design, fashion /uniform design, interior and environmental design

  • Long-standing member of Alliance Graphic International and is a past AGI President
  • Awarded the first Australian Honorary Doctorate of Design from Swinburne University
  • Is a foundation member of the Australian Writers and Art Directors Association
  • A member of the American Institute of Graphic Arts
  • Is Patron of the Australian Academy of Design
  • Is a long-standing member and served a period as president of Alliance Graphique Internationale

"most trademarks don't look that good on the radio"

"The challenge lay in respecting the heritage of the region, while simultaneously delivering the new brands as a vision for the future, which we realised through manipulation of old mosaic patterns into a modern and dynamic globe symbol."


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