Monday, March 15, 2010

STACY POST 4: C20TH Poster Design.

Select another designer from the list below or use one of your existing designers then discuss their contribution to poster design. As usual post 200 wds, 5 selected images and 5 hyperlinks.
  1. Jan Lenica ROXY
  2. Martin Sharp LUKE
  3. Tim Biskup LUKE
  4. Abram Games
  5. René Gruau PAM
  6. David Hockney
  7. Frank Kozik CANDY
  8. Shag NICOLA
  9. Victor Moscoso
  10. Reg Mombassa CLARE
  11. Aubrey Beardsley PENNY
  12. Roman Cieslewicz ROSIE
  13. Shigeo Fukuda
  14. Alfons Mucha
  15. Masuteru Aoba
  16. Ikko Tanaka JUDY
  17. Rick Griffen IAN
  18. Jamie Reid
  19. Shepard Fairey MSHELL
  20. Woody Pirtle CIEN 
  21. Hipnosis IAN


  1. i'll be doing shepard fairy...

  2. NB surname is actually spelt Fairey

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  4. Shotty Shag... sounds funny :P

  5. I am taken Tim Biskup off the list he will be my prefered poster designer for this post ,

  6. okay changed my mind am doing Rene Gruau

  7. okays im taking frank kozik.