Friday, March 26, 2010

QUOTED,Ivan Chermayeff

QUOTE;"Design is direct to human beings ,to design is to solve human problems by identifying them and executing the best solution ."

Designing is direct is to human beings, simply is saying that designing is for the people .That's who it is for ,calling the people human beings is simplifying us as creatures .Letting the reader/listener know that as a human we have certain traits and behaviours which can be manipulated .
By having a problem we can also create answers , with these answers we can use to construct a design that will manipulate the human into feeling , believing,and acting in a way in which the problem should be solved.

Given that the subject matter is design .The major tools on which we have and use for the answer come in many different applications of the design world.Such as colour,shape,form,texture,position.Having a problem for these design tools can be in many different varying areas within the field as well. From corporate loges ,landmark sculptures , web design , fashion design , and so on .Using these tools within these areas to captivate the emotion/mood/thought ,required is the mere element of design .
Acknowledging this thesis ,know the problem in which u are designing is the up most importance ,without total understanding of the problem and ranges in which it is understood ,releases the limits of the designer with potential,purpose, accuracy to apply to the answer needed .

Chermayeff used this general idea throughout his successful career within his teams as well as individually .Having this generally made him a very well known and respected designer .Creating accuracy,disciplined acuteness,professionalism,neat,clean,appropriate answers entrenched in designer history .

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