Monday, March 29, 2010

Design is thinking made visual : Saul Bass

the more i think about the quote the more layers i find. simply;

ideas are images.

thinking is a way of life. imagine the world if all our ideas and thoughts were real and created. I'm not saying they would all necessarily be great, but think of the endless possibilities.
thinking or/ ' the process of using one's mind to consider or reason about something'
when we think we create visual images in our minds. it is not verbal. we don't think inwards.
for designers' thinking is learning and coginition. designers thoughts branch into memory, attention, planing and problem solving.

designers are capable to influence what people remember and they know how to grab attention through brain storming.

i like the idea that designing is problem solving. creating a visual response to a problem. designers bring ideas to life, communicating ideas visually to the world.

"design thinking is a process that makes brain - storming more productive and more actionable" (Tiernann. M. 2007)

Saul Bass clearly followed this as a Graphic Designer, forming a new way of thinking about the design and elements relating to film and forever changed the designers role in the industry

he worked as an identity designer generating some of the most powerful and most visually significant brands. most of which are still in use today.

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