Monday, March 29, 2010

5:PENNY Music/Magazines: Stefan Sagmeister

The intent of Stefan Sagmeister in beginning his own Graphic Design company was to allow himself the freedom to design CD covers for the music he appreciated. Over the years, Sagmeister has designed covers, graphics and packaging for musicians such as the Rolling Stones, David Byrne, Lou Reed, Aerosmith, and Pat Metheny. His work in this genre has received four Grammy nominations, and has won many international design awards.

Sagmeister won a Grammy for his work on the Talking Heads collection which features paintings by the Russian contemporary artists Vladimir Dubossarsky and Alexander Vinogradov.

“they contain all of my favourite visual icons: babies bears severed limbs and bare naked people”

Even during Sagmeisters famed year long sabbaticals, he set aside time to design covers.

“The most enjoyable was designing a CD cover every Thursday from 9am to 12pm. I would put any CD that was lying around into the player, start working immediately, and then be done with the whole thing, complete with soft-page booklet and CD label by 12 o'clock.”

Many of Sagmeisters typographical works and experiments have also made their way into magazines and onto posters.
‘Starting A Charity Is Surprisingly Easy’ became the dividing pages opening each new chapter for the Austrian magazine ‘Copy’. Sagmeisters book, ‘Things I Have Learned In My Life So Far’ contains a list of 20 personal quotes, such as ‘Trying To Look Good Limits My Life’ and “Everybody Who Is Honest Is Interesting”, many of these became magazine spreads, billboards, light boxes, annual reports, and fashion brochures.

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