Monday, March 8, 2010

Signage ,Trademark logoes , Ivan Chermayeff

Designer of many a renown image, constituting a corporate logo.The images were very well collaborated in form shape and colour . To capture the customer . Not that it was fashionable or modern ,but modern in a way that it was clean and smart .Showing form of the noted subject matter that would solidify a image in the mind which would forever imprinted .On thought of the subject in mind of matter,

3d signage in subway .
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This last image is a mobile sculpture in Vancouver.Mobil one of the very renown co-operations chermayeff was very famous for . Chermayeffs liking towards design and logoes strands from a a architectural fatherly figure .Ivan found the design towards logoes allot quicker and easier to reflect a customers problems ,thus he used colour form and shape , chermayeff was very well educated studying Harvard and evan further in the well known hierarchies of college systems .
He was to become very well known in this arena ,with great partnerships , of Brownjohn, and the more everlasting Tom Giesmar,
Chermayeff built a very professional way off thinking and took it into his whole design career, He thought that design was to be directly towards human beings ,
and with there problem was his solution to create the best if not five of the best solutions to there problem(not as do be disapproving of either of these solutions, but unattached to everyone of them so as they all where capabe of gratitude for the problem ),so to say in the mobil case , there problem was to sell petrol from the side of the road and what solution in a signage logo was for chermayeff to answer, there was to be more of a problem and he would niether put pen to paper or start a solution without total understanding of the problem in hand , so as to cover all areas of the problem with his one solution .
Chermayeff accomplished many awards , with this success produced many a landmark as well as cooperate identity , some of which shown within the images submitted .

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