Sunday, March 21, 2010


Italian designer Rene Gruau demonstrated his own interpretation of fashion through his exaggerated and creative style for fashion posters. Gruau became a famous artist in the world of Haute couture for his use of dynamic images in the 40’s and 50’s for
high fashion houses and magazines such as L’Official, Femina, Vogue and Marie Claire.

Gruau’s contribution to the fashion industry at that time successfully marketed fashion like never before and bridged the gap celebrating French traditional posters with modern advertising.

His posters were simple yet paraded a distinctive look of their own. Traditionally in the 1930’s posters were created with fine lines and delicate watercolours, Gruau’s artistic style exhibits the use of thefemale form almost appearing to float, with the use of heavy minimalistic lines and striking colours. His work has suggested an influence of Japanese drawings with the sensual essence of Toulouse-Lautrec sketches of fin de siecle

Paris nightlife. A classic example of Gruau’s work includes a poster designed for Christian Dior’s new line of stockings where he used ink lines to suggest a black cat wrap
ped around a woman’s legs.

In later years as technology progressed and illustrations were replaced with photography, Gruau designed posters for Moulin Rouge, Lido, ballet companies and major Parisian nightspots.

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