Monday, March 29, 2010

6:PENNY Meaning of Quote: Style = Fart

Style = FART
“was the headline of a theory that style and stylistic questions are just hot air 
and meaningless”

Style – a particular or characteristic way, form or technique of making or producing a thing especially a work of art; a way of executing a task; a manner of performance.

Fart – an emission of wind from the anus.

“I discovered that this is simply not true. Through experience, I found that if you have content that is
 worthwhile, the proper expression of that content, in terms of
 form and style is actually very important. It can be a very
 useful tool to communicate that content.”

Style, when applied to Graphic Design, refers to the distinct look or feel a particular designer or group of designers will use as a standard across different products and mediums. Naturally, people will have a certain way of expressing themselves and their ideas; however, to ride a style through a career is lazy and boring. Forming, copying or endlessly repeating a style creates bad design and is meaningless hot air.
However, style can be important, especially when aiming at specific demographics. When creating design, steering away from style for the sake of being different, is to ignore devices which work. In Graphic Design the aim is to convey meaning, content or ideas. If a style is the best means to do so, then style is a good thing.
I believe that becoming entrenched in a style is a bad thing and can cause stagnation not only in a designer, but in Design as a whole. I also believe that style has its place and is not something to shy away from.

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