Monday, March 8, 2010

ian ikko tanaka, logos

  • The first art director of Muji was Ikko Tanaka. Tanaka is credited with developing the Muji concept together with Kazuko Koike (marketing consultant), and Takashi Sugimoto (interior designer). Tanaka articulated the Muji vision and appearance, and he provided ideas and prototypes that visualized the design strategy.

  • When Mr. Tanaka began working in the late 1950's, contemporary Japanese designers were trying to balance respect for the past with the imperatives of a commercially driven industrial society. Mr. Tanaka succeeded in marrying past and present in graphic compositions that were strong and clean, colorful and playful and unerringly precise. He borrowed the simple shapes and patterns of ancient arts and incorporated them into designs that were definitely of his time and place.

    Morisawa & Co

  • issey miyake wanted a museum of design, i think ikko tanaka designed the logo.
  • Ikko Tanaka's work includes the design of the symbols for Expo '85 in Tsukuba and World City Expo Tokyo '96.
  • An idealized image of the future incorporating
    the universe,the earth,mankind,science,and 
    The vertex at the top represents Mt.Tsukuba, 
    pointing the way to a bright tomorrow.  
    The three sides suggest the Expo theme 
    elements: man,dwellingsfand the environment. 
    The two parallel rings symbolize the harmony  
    between man and science.

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