Monday, March 29, 2010


- Neville Brody
The reason as to why i chose this quote is it applies to what I think design and communication should be. If something is interesting of course it's going to stick in your mind! It's going to make you think, Hey! I remember that product or advertisement it was funny or entertaining. If somthing is entertaining it's going to make you think about it and talk about it to your friends, therefore from a products point of view there prodcut is getting out there free of charge.
If communication wasn't entertaining, the world would be a boring place!! There wouldn't be a 'pick me up, make me feel good' advertisement to make you feel better on a bad day. There would be no conversation helpers if communication was boring.
When our eye meets a page it wants to be entertained, it wants rythem, it wants to be guided around a page, if everything thing was black and white and in helvetica imagine how 'un'entertaining that would be!!
I strongly agree with this quote as i believe it is 100% true and every designer should stick to it!!

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