Monday, March 29, 2010

RaY GUn magazine

David Carson was the Art Director of Ray Gun magazine. breaking out from the typical walls of graphic design through Ray Gun. he was self taught and followed his own style to smash restrictive boundaries.
Carson is known best for his work with experimental typography and his cutting-edge magazine design.
ray gun was an American, alternative Rock and Roll magazine. it was first published in California during 1992. David Carson founded the experimental magazine of graphic design. his work with the magazine has him seen to many as one of the most significant graphic designers of the nineties.
his results produced a 'chaotic, abstract style, not always readable but distinctive in appearance'.
davids new direction into design targeted at youth brought him into the eyes of corporate America. large companies such as Nike and Levis saw an opportunity in Davids design to increase youth sales and commissioned him to design prints ads and direct television commercials.
he was so influential to the magazine, his ideology was kept even after David left the magazine.
Ray Gun produced over 60 issues from 1992 to 2000.

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