Monday, March 15, 2010




Since its ascent as the primary advertising vehicle early in the Industrial Revolution, the poster has tested the designer’s skill at communicating succinctly with the man on the street. Now, just as it was then, the best posters are those that grab the viewer’s attention, not letting go until the desired connection with the intended audience has been cemented.

Woody Pirtle has created many posters from Amnesty International, to lectures to Cook offs. All his posters have an unique quirky messages to make the every day viewer think and store the poster in their minds.

Amnesty International in 2002 commissioned Woody Pirtle to design a series of posters focusing on twelve of the individual articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The posters were distributed to schools, designed to make the Declaration of Human Rights a living document, part of the group’s “Amnesty Educate” initiative. The design uses photography of common objects to visually summarize each article. Posters were printed in a kaleidoscopic range of colors that, when hung together, provided a lively classroom display.

-Click this link to view all of Pirtle's Poster work-

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  1. nice work cien. i like the mix of playful and serious examples shows his diversity