Monday, March 15, 2010

ROSIE Roman Cieslewicz Poster Design

Roman Cieslewicz: Polish Poster designer

Movie Poster 1963

Roman Cieslewicz, was a renowned graphic artist born in 1930 in Lvov, Poland, he remains one of the most famous poster designers of the Polish school. From 1949-54 he studied at Cracow Academy of Fine Arts. Cieslewicz specialized in poster and display designing and then worked as book and magazine designer. From 1962 he lived in France where he worked as art director of "Vogue", "Elle" and "Mafia" - advertising agency. He was artistic creator of "Opus International" and "Kitsch". He was also a member of AGI [International Graphic Association].

Applying the principles of the Polish School (“simplicity, clarity, use of poetic metaphors”), Cieslewicz also showed great inventiveness in his creations whether they were for advertising campaigns or for promoting cultural or political events. He created more than 400 posters during his life and for Cieslewicz, “an image was naked if it is not accompanied by a word”. The importance of the word-image relationship is reinforced by the typography he used. Cieslewicz’s favourite techniques were: collage (see Les Mona's Lisa's from the series of repetitive collages and Zoom contre la pollution de l'œil from the series of “collages centres”) and photomontage. Mixing black, white and colour or assembling photos with painting, Cieslewicz diverted images, thus creating “unusual combinations” that carried a strong message.

Quote by Cieslewicz about poster design:
"A poster is a great idea, that's the main thing, basically, because an idea can excite, can cause intrigue, it's very important. Moreover Marcel Duchamp said already: an image which does not arouse, is not worth anything. And he was right because you are surrounded by images, you are swallowed up by advertisements, by tens of thousands each day. You like them, you might not, but these images can't be neutral. It's not possible. They need to shout out, they need to cause intrigue, they need to do something to, to... make you think."

Above: Expo Sevilla event; 1992 Ksiadz Marek 1963. Poster for production of the 1843 drama by Juliusz Sowacki.

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