Monday, May 24, 2010

luke: Roger Dean

Roger Dean:Creative,Inspirable,Individually talented,with a huge range of quality artwork(paintings,pastels,gouache,montage,crayon,ink and,enamel)under his belt.Finds himself under a long list of well renown designers .
Pushing the envelope with his own self prolific style,capturing an individual scope of personally idealistic worlds,self created creatures ,colluding colour schemes and depth of atmosphere

This fantasy world of design,moving with a creative idea of illogical modern animals , personally comforting housing design (losing all the sharp edges and points . Creating a much modern architectural design.)Making ideas as they flourish over his eccentric imagination.Propelling himself into a fine line between artist/designer.The fine line was thinning . Where Rodger was picking up posters and album covers.The most accolading the YES album/posters. Using his style which was very similar and portrayed the music for similar values . This creativity was a pushing element which accompanied him into the arena .Producing self involved books ,covers , story lines within single posters ,or double page spreads creating a status of self within the design field that inspired other designers limitless boundaries to push their creativity and self flare of individualism upon the public , broadening the scope of designer/artist into an applicable application.


  1. I am a Theosphst and so I can relate to Roger Deans work as I am a BIG YES fan myself. Good site you have here .Will visit again soon.
    Peace and Love to all.