Monday, May 31, 2010

Emigre Magazine.

One of the greatest influences on Desktop Publishing was without doubt the ''Emigre Magazine''. It was first published back in the 80's

was a graphic design magazine published by ''Emigre'' Graphics between ''1984'' and ''2005'' it was first published in 1984 in San Francisco, California, USA. Art-directed by Dutch-born Rudy VanderLans using fonts designed by his wife.., Czechoslovakian-born Zuzana Licko.

Emigre was one of the first publications to use (Macintosh) computers and had a large influence on graphic designers moving into desktop publishing Its variety of layouts, use of guest designers, and opinionated articles also had an effect on other design publications.

The first magazine came out in 1984 with a focus on the √©migr√©. The first eight issues were concerned with boundaries, international culture, travel accounts and alienation (as the issues' titles suggest). The first eight issues also incorporated a dynamic aesthetic that caught the attention of designers and led to the next stage in the magazine's evolution…

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