Monday, May 3, 2010



In the 1930s the best thing a woman could wear would be a pair of pure silk stockings, those are extremely nice, they are shiny and very smooth.
In the beginning skirts where long so the stockings stopped at the knee where they where kept with a ribbon. But when skirts and dresses got shorter the stockings had to become longer and the Suspender belt was introduced. Of course not everybody could afford the fancy silk stockings, thankfully the synthetic silk stockings where invented in England in 1912 and slowly came to Europe during the 1920s.
Stockings in the 1930s and 1940s where thus made of silk, synthetic silk, cotton or even wool. Nylon was invented in the late thirties but wasnt introduced to Europe till 1945.

Follow this link to see a paper article when nylon stockings were first released.

They were long, most of them came halfway up the thigh, they had to reach the clasps of the suspender belt!

When the women came into depression and could no longer afford nylon stockings, some went to the extent of tattooing the line of the stockings down their legs so they still looked like they could afford the stockings.

I’ve found looking at 1930’s posters the stockings gave the women sex appeal and influenced other posters to make the posters look appealing, ‘Sex Sells”. All of the posters where illustrative so they could create the perfect woman. Posters where simple and pastel colours were used.

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