Monday, May 24, 2010

PENNY: Post 6: Matthew Carter

"Chancellor Bismarck said about the law and sausages that it is better not to know how they are made, and he would probably have said the same about type. But I like to know how things are made, and I enjoy explaining the nuts and bolts of type to students."
Speaking of teahing at Yale

  • Born London 1937
  • Carter studied in The Netherlands under Raedisch
  • He pioneered the design of fonts for use on screen
  • Typographic advisor to Crosfield Electronics, distributors of phototypesetting machines.
  • Designed typefaces for Mergenthaler Linotype

  • He created the Cenntenial typeface for Bell Telephone Company commissioned in 1974 by AT&T, for its telephone directories and which is still in use. It had an exacting technical brief
  • An ink trap is a feature of certain typefaces, where the corners or details are removed from the letterforms. When the type is printed, ink naturally spreads into the removed area. Without ink traps, the excess ink would blob and ruin the crisp edge.
  • 1981 Carter and Mike Parker created Bitstream Inc. a digital type foundry. It is one of the largest suppliers of type
  • 1991 formed the Carter & Cone type foundry with Cherie Cone
  • He has designed for Apple and Microsoft computers. Georgia and Verdana are two fonts which have been created for viewing on computer monitors, they are designed to be legible even at very small sizes
  • Designed type for Time, The Washington Post, The New York Times, the Boston Globe, Wired, and Newsweek
  • He created the corporate identity for the Walker Arts Center, Minneapolis, where serifs can be added to or removed from the base type using a computer program.
  • Carter has won numerous awards for his significant contributions to typography and design
Matthew Carter's typefaces include:

* Bell Centennial
* Bitstream Charter
* Big Caslon
* Big Figgins
* Cascade Script
* Charter
* Elephant
* Fenway
* ITC Galliard
* Gando
* Georgia
* Mantinia
* Miller
* Monticello
* Nina
* Olympian
* Rocky
* Shelley Script
* Snell Roundhand
* Skia
* Sophia
* Tahoma
* Verdana
* Vincent
* Wilson Greek
* Wrigley
* Yale University typeface
* Meiryo

An alternate ITC Galliard italic 'g,'


  1. great opening quote and succinct post

  2. Fascinating !! My grandfather used to set the type for the New York Mirror, and then the News Journal Company in Delaware. He is deceased, but I remember going on tour of his shop. It was very interesting :)

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