Monday, May 10, 2010

sam: leica camera

Leica Camera

Leica is a camera produced by, or under licence of, a German company of the same name. The company, formerly Ernst Leitz GmbH, is now three companies: Leica Camera AG, Leica Geosystems AG, and Leica Microsystems AG, producing cameras, geosurvey equipment and microscopes, respectively. Leica Microsystems AG is the owner of the Leica brand, and grants licenses to Leica Camera AG and Leica Geosystems.

In 1940's - 1950's

Leica cameras became popular with there simple design and flexible prototype small format camera. When the production Leica A actually went on sale in 1925, photographers were quick to make use of the new, portable, simple, and quick method of photography, creating masterpieces of artistic imagery and gripping reportage. Just as today, the Leica camera helped to produce a lot of the images that expand our knowledge and influence our perception of the world.

Leica advertisements

Revolution of Leica

Photojournalism was brought closer to actual events and began telling stories in a more dynamic and truthful manner. The reaction among photo artists to the possibility of achieving a "new form of vision" was extremely enthusiastic. The Leica became an indispensable companion for all situations, an "integral part of the eye" or an "extension of the hand". Since this momentous development, users have been able to focus their full concentration on the subject and the picture. Building on this first invention and on the innovative spirit demonstrated by Oskar Barnack, Leica is constantly working to create the perfect tools to extend that unique vision and the unlimited possibilities it represents.

Famous photographs taken by Leica cameras

This photograph of Che Guevara is very famous and has become a stylized portrait around the world. Taken by Alberto Korda

V-J Day Times Square
Taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt


  1. great examples. Leni Riefenstahl was also an advocate of the leica camera

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