Monday, May 3, 2010

IAN 1930's types and fonts

Cassandre designed Bifur in 1929, introduced by the French foundry Deberney & Peignot. Influenced by the stylized reductive geometric abstraction, the letters have been reduced to their fundamental geometric shapes. Cassandre designed sweeping, streamlined curves and stylized shapes to grab the viewers attention. This type was used for display, & was not suitable for bodies of text.

American typographer, Morris Fuller Benton, created the archetypel art deco typeface "Broadway". The title of the font, Broadway, suggests the connection between the letters & New York entertainment district. A revival of early 19th century fat faces, fused with sleek geometric form. The dramatic contrasts of the type face, gives it great visual impact.


  1. Informative with some good examples

  2. iconic type.
    can definately tell which era you are writing about, just by looking at your examples!