Saturday, February 27, 2010

Neville Brody by Pam

Neville Brody is renowned for his challenging creativity of ideas incorporated in graphic design and typography. Throughout his career Brody has been recognised for his innovative designs displayed on the covers on several record albums in the 70's, here his motivation was inspired by the "punk rock" era.

His artistic contribution to independent labels such as StillRecords and Fetish Records in the 80's, soon became highly recognised and his career then lead him to become Art director for a style magazine "The Face", and later "Arena" a mens magazine.

From this point Brody continued pushing the visual boundaries and implementing his own ideas producing designs for numerous t-shirts, badges and poster designs for "Cabaret Voltaire" and post punk band "23 Skidoo". The innovative ideas Brody expressed in Fuse magazine had adopted a new visual language of it's own, which displayed visual and architectural elements of typefaces combined into design.

This creative expression of incorporating typeface into design became publicly approved of and Brody soon began designing his own Typefaces for FontShp in the early 90's. Some of his well-known designs include, Industria, Arcadia, Insignia and Blur some of which have revolutionised the arrival of digital type design.

Example of "Arcadia" font type.

Throughout Neville Brody's career he has also successfully shared his creative style globally by publishing "The Graphic Language of Neville Brody" of which has been identified as one of the world's best Graphic Design books.
In 1994 Neville Brody co-founded "Research Studios" with Rwa Richards and today mainly focus on providing
visual electronic communication designs to a diverse range of international clients including, The Times Newspaper, BBC,Sony Playstation and Nike to name a few. xx

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