Monday, February 15, 2010

Massimo Vignelli by Oriel

Massimo Vignelli, Italian born (1931), is identified by his restraint and order.
Born into the period of Art Deco, he worked within the Modernist Movement, using bold simplicity and geometric forms. His work expresses a need for legibility and clarity creating an easily understandable message.

He studied Architecture in Milan & Venice, but came to United States on fellowships from Towle Silversmiths in Massachusetts and the Institute of Design in Chicago (1957 - 1960). The Vignelli Office of Design and Architecture was established in Milan in 1960, and in 1965 Massimo became co-founder and design director of Unimark International Corporation in New York, where, among other things, he designed the logo for American Airlines.

He is also known during this period for his design of the NYC Subway Map.

His work includes graphic and corporate identity programs, publication designs, architectural graphics, and exhibition, interior, furniture and consumer product designs for many leading American and European companies and institutions.
Massimo Vignelli has had his work published and exhibited throughout the world and entered in the permanent collections of several notable museums, as well as receiving numerable awards.

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  1. extremely interesting but not sure that the image with coathanger is his or an illustration of his quote