Monday, February 15, 2010

MSHELL Lester Beall

Throughout a career spanning 44 years, Lester Beall was known for his ability to bridge the gap between art and commerce. In his mature years he led the way with creative and comprehensive packaging and corporate identity programs that met the needs of his clients. Beall was a leading proponent of modernist graphic design and a major synthesizer of the ideas of European avant-garde artists and designers into the mainstream of design for American business.

Along the way in his work manner and style, Beall proved to American business that the graphic designer was a professional that could creatively solve problems and at the same time deal with pragmatic issues of marketing and budget. Beall believed that graphic design should result in a positive emotional response from the viewer. The qualities and values that led to Beall's effectiveness are timeless, and provide contemporary practitioners with an historical reference base upon which to evaluate present standards.

Of particular interest was his work for the Crowell Publishing Company, which produced Colliers magazine, along with his work for the U.S. government. Beall made much use of angled elements, iconic arrows, silhouetted photographs and dynamic shapes, all of which captures the essence of his personal style of the late 1930s.


  1. Very well explained - well done Michelle I like it :-)