Monday, April 19, 2010

Post 7. CIEN. WW1 propaganda posters

World War 1
Propaganda Posters

Each nation that was involved in World War 1 used propaganda posters to inform, and spread the hype the war. They almost 'pressured' men into joining. The used women on posters, men in pain that needed help, they made it look like an adventure which appealed to so many men.

Yet while the use of posters proved initially successful in Britain the numbers required for active service at the Front were such as to ultimately require the introduction of conscription. Nevertheless recruitment posters remained in use for the duration of the war - as was indeed the case in most other countries including France, Germany and Italy.

However wartime posters were not wholly used to recruit men to the military cause. Posters commonly urged wartime thrift, and were vocal in seeking funds from the general public via subscription to various war bond schemes (usually with great success).

Interestingly, for all that the U.S.A. joined the war relatively late - April 1917 - she produced many more propaganda posters than any other single nation.

Australia entered the First World War along with Britain in August 1914.

The government was not slow however in attempting to stimulate recruitment in a country where conscription was forbidden.

In addition to posters the government dispatched specially inscribed postcards (e.g. 'Hasten!', 'Hurry!') to the homes of men who had not enlisted to date.

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