Friday, April 30, 2010

all that JAZZ...

F Scott Fitzgerald, a novelist, coined the phrase “The Jazz Age” to closely describe the exciting and flamboyant culture of the 1920’s. The age takes its name from jazz music, which saw a tremendous surge in popularity among many segments of society. This exciting culture centred on the media, music, arts, literature and fashion. During the 1920’s the media was able to develop so steadily and substantially because of the growing motion picture industry, and media such as films and magazines emerged as a primary area of graphic design.

The arts of the 1920’s influenced the culture drastically and the jazz lifestyle appealed to many. New art forms were affecting the fashion and the architecture of the United States during this time. The styles most associated with the jazz age are striking, bold, geometric and abstract. Many artists drew inspiration from avant-garde art movements such as Cubism, Futurism and Vorticism. The use of such styles in a growing commercial arts industry introduced elements of modern art to a much wider public than would be possible for a contemporary gallery.

In the 1920s, jazz became more than just a musical style. Jazz was style.

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  1. Now I have "All that Jazz" from Chicago stuck in my head haha.