Monday, June 7, 2010

ROXY: 1990's - Björk "Post"

Post is the third studio album by Björk - singer-songwriter and musician from Iceland. It was released in June 1995.

Originally, the album cover for Post was to be a photo of Björk surrounded by silver balls.

The photograph origionally planned for Björk's album.

This idea was dropped and Bjork decided that the album should be a portrait of her surrounded by her important possessions from home. These possessions were to represent the themes in the album’s music – her isolation from family and friends from Iceland.

Paul White of Me Company suggested surrounding Björk with massive postcards, indicating the communication with her friends and family through the post.

Finally, the cover image for the album was photographed by Stéphane Sednaoui in the London streets.

The booklet and packaging were designed by the collaborator Me Company who also designed the artwork for the album’s singles.

Singles from Post.

Orange featured heavily in the album's artwork as White felt the colour matched the album's personality. The typeface used for Björk's logo during the Post and Debut eras was a modified version of DIN, which is used on German road signs.

Martin Gardiner modelled the lotus flower used in the album's booklet and packaging, while the jacket Björk wears on the cover of Post, crafted from envelope paper called Tjvek, was designed by Hussein Chalayan, who Björk modelled for in September 1995.

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