Monday, June 7, 2010

David Carson

David Carson is an American graphic designer. He is best known for his innovative magazine design, and use of experimental typography. He was the art director for the magazine Ray Gun. Carson was perhaps the most influential graphic designer of the nineties. In particular, his widely-imitated aesthetic defined the so-called "grunge typography" era.
"he changed the public face of graphic design" -newsweek

David Carson started out working as a teacher in San Diego California and started to experiement with graphic design and found himself submerged in the bohemian culture and artistic flare of Southern California. By the late eighties he had developed his signature style, using "dirty" type and non-mainstream photographic techniques. He would later be dubbed the "father of grunge."

Being a professional surfer and qualifying 9th in the world Carson's background has come from surfing. After working for Ray gun magazine Carson set up his own studio doing promotional work for several big time companies. His quirky style and creative use with type makes advertising of any products very eye catching.
These included Microsoft in 1998, as well as advertising for Giorgio Armani (Milan). His client list includes, but is certainly not limited to, American Express, Apple Computers, Atlantic Records, Budweiser (1995 Superbowl spot), Bush, CNN, Cuervo Gold, Fox TV, Kodak, Levi’s, Meg Ryan, Mercedes Benz, MGM Studios, MTV, NBC, Nike, Nine Inch Nails, Nissan, Pepsi, Quiksilver, Ray Ban, Sony, Toyota, Warner Brothers and Xerox .


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