Friday, June 11, 2010

Philippe Starck | Designer


If you hadn't heard of him before, you would certainly know him now, due to his recent appearance in the BBC tv program Design for Life. However there are few people interested in design that would not know the name Philippe Starck.

Philippe Starck is a French product designer and probably the best known designer in the New Design style. Unlike most other New Design artists, his work does not concentrate on the provocative and expensive single pieces. Rather, his product designs are of usable household items which are marketed for mass production.

His designs range from spectacular interior designs to mass produced consumer goods such as toothbrushes, watches, houses and interiors. He recently designed wind turbines, beginning a new direction based on ecology. Starck's products are often stylised, streamlined and organic in their appearance and are often constructed using unusal combinations of materials (eg. glass and stone, plastic and aluminium etc).

In the 1990s much of his work was inspired by fashion and novelty. Now, however, Starck is promoting the ethos that honesty and integrity should be at the core of design. He believes that products should not be created as throw-away artifacts only surviving for as long as they are in fashion, but should ideally have longevity and durability.


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